Care & Education

What is Aromatherapy?

Merriam Webster: describes it as inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils (as from flowers and fruits) for therapeutic purposes. More broadly- the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being

"Aromatherapy is part of a larger field called phytotherapy (plant therapy). True aromatherapy is the skilled use of genuine essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Science, education and experience allow aromatherapy to truly become a holistic art." -Annette Davis, NAHA President


Health Notes

Please note that you assume all risk in using essential oils on your Hippie Adjacent jewelry or elsewhere. Practice safe use guidelines at ALL TIMES when using essential oils as they are a medicinal product. Find out more here.

ALWAYS dilute essential oils for skin application and use citrus oils with caution as they are photosensitive. For guidelines on how much to dilute click here!


Caring for Your Jewelry

All products are made of a clay that is a naturally porous material (it's also how your oil diffuses). To keep your piece in the condition in which you purchased it, remember to use your essential oil sparingly and only apply to the back. 

  • Your Hippie Adjacent jewelry is delicate, but not fragile, so use gentle hands but they will survive a fall! When traveling, be sure to lay them flat. They may be a little "bendy", but this is so they are less likely to break and keeps them lightweight!
  • Apply one drop of oil to the back of your jewelry piece-be sure to dilute your oil if the piece will be directly touching your skin.
  • To swap the scent, simply soak your piece in a solution of warm water with a drop of white vinegar (3:1 ratio) and pat dry.
  • When you aren't wearing them, store them in a container or on a jewelry display/hanging to avoid scratches from sharp objects