Mood Candle

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Transport yourself to a dreamy oasis for the fraction of an airplane ticket. Four scent blends designed to emphasize the best aspects of your space and your linens. 

  • 8 oz tin or 12 oz. glass jar with bamboo lid
  • soy blend, essential oil candle with wooden wick
  • Ingredients: Essential Oils, soy wax, beeswax, coconut oil
  • adhere to safety precautions on the bottom of candle container

Gratitude Blend: Peaceful, Clean, Musky - Great for bedrooms, hotel rooms, and Airbnb's

Sweetness Blend: Bright, Citrusy, Floral - Great for home offices and yoga studios

Citrus Sunshine: Vibrant and Citrusy - Great for offices, classrooms, and living rooms

Romance Blend: Sweet, Rich, and Sultry - Great for bedrooms and boutiques


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