Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Your handmade Hippie Adjacent jewelry is made with significant care and intention. While they are delicate, they are not fragile.  Despite that, there are still things that you can and should do to make sure that they last a very long time. Your earrings may be made of polymer clay, metal, resin or a combo of all three! Check out the tips below for suggested use. There is a list of general tips and some material specific ones.


  • use gentle hands but they will survive a fall! When traveling, be sure to lay them flat.
  • They may be a little "bendy", but this is so they are less likely to break and keeps them lightweight! (DO NOT TEST THE BENDINESS)
  • When you aren't wearing them, store them in a container, jewelry box or on a jewelry display/hanging to avoid scratches from sharp objects


  • These products are made of a material that is naturally porous (it's also how your oil diffuses if you choose to add essential oil)
  • If you choose to add essential oil. use it sparingly and only apply to the back
  • Apply one drop to the back of your jewelry piece (be sure to dilute your oil if the piece will be directly touching your skin)
  • To swap the scent, simply soak your piece in a solution of warm water with a bit of white vinegar (3:1 ratio) and pat dry with a soft cloth
  • If you stain your jewelry, try removing it with a damp soft cloth first. For more set in stains, use a cotton swab with alcohol or makeup remover to remove it


  • If you stain your jewelry, try removing it with a soft cloth first. For more set in stains, use a dap of soap and remove the stain using your hand. Pat dry with a paper towel or soft cloth


  • Brass naturally tarnishes a bit over time, so if it starts to change color a bit, don't freak out
  • To remove the tarnish, spritz the metal with a bit of white vinegar and let sit for 10 minutes then rinse off and dry with a microfiber cloth
  • Another option to remove the tarnish is by dipping a cotton swab in raw lemon juice and gently spread the lemon juice over the metal portion with the cotton swab. rinse then buff with a microfiber cloth
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