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Our Story

Hippie Adjacent is for the people who revel in beautiful contradictions. The ones who cleanse their homes with Palo Santo while listening to trap music. It's for the people who aren't afraid to honor all aspects of their being. 

Use of essential oils has roots in many cultures for medicinal, perfuming, and even embalming purposes. The modern day application blends the perfuming and medicinal applications into the practice of aromatherapy which is a powerful tool in the war on stress, low energy, and imbalance. The working world however doesn’t exactly allow for “aromatherapy breaks” which is often where they are most needed. This was the story for Founder & Chief Creator, Taelyr Roberts. This was also the catalyst for Hippie Adjacent. Our pieces marry style and those personalized aromatherapy breaks by creating jewelry built of a porous clay which allows essential oils to be applied. 

Since launching, we have expanded to other accessories that offer metaphysical benefits such as necklaces that feature crystal and mineral beads to enhance chakra energy as well as room sprays to set the “vibe” in any space. The goal of each product we produce is simple, for each customer to look good and be well. 


About Our Founder

Taelyr is a Dallas, Texas native who has always had a love of the arts-in many different forms. Using this love and a knack for creating with her hands, she started her first business at 12 which included a number of handmade goods such as candles and crocheted headbands. At 13, her aunt bought her a jewelry making kit from a late night Home Shopping Network purchase and from there a new artistic pathway was formed.

Following her college graduation, she began delving into the world of wellness and healing practices to combat the stress of the world she now knew as adulting. Aside from yoga, the most impactful in her new life was the use of essential oils. As useful as these learnings were, she never quite fully identified with the yogis flooding her Instagram feed or the wellness gurus whose books she'd read. They lacked in a lot of ways the unique traits (what they might label as imperfections) that made her who she was and is today such as the love of a good ratchet turn up, a fancy craft cocktail (or two), and good ole gold hoop earring. As her needs for wellness and representation grew more complex she learned the art of creating essential oil blends and began weaving them into her daily life and routine. Because people would give her odd glances while holding essential oil blends to her nose, she knew that there had to be a way to carry her oil blends around with her everyday but also avoid those odd glances.

By marrying two of her interests, Hippie Adjacent was born-Essential accessories for people who revel in beautiful contradiction. As they say, the rest is history.


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