Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know about you guys but figuring out the perfect Mother’s Day gift poses a challenge , so I thought I’d do a little gift guide to help you all out. Moms come in all shapes, sizes and styles as do Hippie Adjacent earrings. Check out some mom styles matched with their earring style below for some guidance. For all of the Hippie Clique moms out there, feel free to share this list with your loved ones! Styles have been restocked to make sure your holiday is perfect!

The Fashionista - What better earring for a fashionista than an earring named after a fashionista? The Micki is an on trend style with a rounded triangle top with hand shaped, cow print beads. Cow print is having a moment and your mom deserves one too. Gift this sassy staple

The Cool Mom - Named after Lizzo’s song, Soulmate. Snag this style for the mom who’s still got it! Backrolls, booty, and all kinds of bodaciousness. They can even be customized! 

The Minimalist - Sometimes, nothing beats a classic. If your mom is more Marie Kondo than Justina Blakeney then this is the right choice. A signature Hippie Adjacent style with the flexibility to pair with just about anything.  

The Bold Beauty - A bold mom needs a bold earring to match! If your mom creates a presence in every room she enters then the Leslie earring is the right choice. Grab the earring that exemplifies bold beauty.

Whatever the style and whichever the mom, Hippie Adjacent always makes a great gift choice. Mom not an earring kind of human? Grab a candle or gift card instead!

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