Spring Round Up

Spring Round Up

We are officially a few weeks into Spring and as warmer weather approaches, cooler colors get their moment in the sun. While I’m not one to purchase clothing or accessories that can only be rocked for one season there is something about the sweet florals that sweep me up every single time. In preparation for the parade of pastels, you are getting the very first Hippie Adjacent Seasonal Round Up. See what Hippie Adjacent has to offer for Spring!

Every season I play with 4 aspects of design- shape, color, pattern, and/or a theme of some kind. This lineup definitely skews thematically toward nature. 

Shape - These styles are all about curves, waves, wiggles, and squiggles.  Clean geometry lines are always a win, but these styles shine a light on linearity’s cooler cousin. Shop playful styles by checking out Yulkendy and Leslie.



Color - There are quite a few colors making a splash in a BIG way right now such as lilac, robin’s egg, vibrant yellow, and neon pink. D’or (Spring Vibes) and 2021 are two HA styles that capture the vibes of the bright and soft sides of these colors. Want to sport these colors your way? Snag 2021 or D’or Spring Vibes.  



Pattern - Marbling will always be one of my favorite pattern techniques. Even if you use the exact same colors in the exact same quantities, by the time you’re done the result is completely different. Every marbled earring is a true original. Creating a tortoise shell print is exactly the same. You will never achieve the exact same pattern more than once. There’s something truly special about that. To grab a one of a kind earring, click the links to purchase TBA or free Mini. 


Nature - As we have established, it’s spring. My thematic vibes at the moment are aligned with nature, florals, the biology of plant life. As such, I thought I’d run it back with some previous faves! Savannah is every plant bae’s dream and Bridget, every flower lover's delight. If you want your Easter fit to say SPRING when you hit the door then grab these botany forward babes!

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